DUPLiSoft - Express CD/DVD Duplication (within 24 hours)

Our company pioneered Express CD/DVD duplication service ( CD/DVD duplication complete with laser-colour printed CD/DVD label packed into a slim-CD case ) with order for up to 3,000 units within 24 hours in Malaysia.

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DUPLiSoft - Express USB Flash Drive Duplication (within 24 hours)

USB Flash Drive Duplication as one of the alternative to the ever growing data capacity requirements.

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DUPeLock - DVD-Video Copy-Protection Duplication

DUPeLock the anti-rip, DVD Video copy protection duplication provides content owners with protection for their digital video assets and at the same time only required a small quantity.

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DIGiPrint - Digital Printing Solutions for CD/DVD

Our DIGiPrint offers high quality and reliable digital colour printing solution for various CD/DVD surface printing.

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REPLiSoft - Replication of CD/DVD

For business and organisation requiring large quantity of CD/DVD production, REPLiSoft can offer the best quality (ISO certified) and most competitive CD/DVD replication solution in Malaysia.

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DIGiPack - CD/DVD/BD or USB Flash Drive Packaging Solutions

With DIGiPack service for all your packaging requirements for CD/DVD/BD or USB Flash Drive, to compliment your finish products.

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Specialised Outsourcing Contract Service

Duplisoft also specialises in providing outsourcing contract service to multi-national corporations with tailor-made customised services.

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About Us

Find Out More About Duplisoft

Duplisoft Sdn. Bhd. (Duplisoft), a member of Siakyoon Computer Sdn. Bhd., is a pioneer in providing duplication services since the 1980s ( using floppy-diskettes ). With the emergence of the digital media technology, Duplisoft has been in the forefront to provide innovative digital duplication plus media-surface printing services for CD, DVD and HD-DVD that is employing the state-of-the-art technology from Europe and Asia.

Duplisoft, being a service orientated company, will strive very hard to provide the highest level of services for fast-turnaround delivery and most of all the best quality products as demanded by all our discerning customers. Duplisoft's goal is to be the best one-stop digital duplication service provider in Malaysia.

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