About Us

Duplisoft Sdn. Bhd. (Duplisoft), a member of Siakyoon Computer Sdn. Bhd., is a pioneer in providing duplication services since the 1980s ( using floppy-diskettes ). With the emergence of the digital media technology, Duplisoft has been in the forefront to provide innovative digital duplication plus media-surface printing services for CD, DVD and HD-DVD that is employing the state-of-the-art technology from Europe and Asia.

Duplisoft, being a service orientated company, will strive very hard to provide the highest level of services for fast-turnaround delivery and most of all the best quality products as demanded by all our discerning customers. Duplisoft’s goal is to be the best one-stop digital duplication service provider in Malaysia.

Together with the above services, Duplisoft is the local agent, importer and manufacturer for some of the high-end equipment and products in the industry namely, ALEA printer and CD/DVD publishers, Acronova Nimbie Printing / Publishing Systems, uReach and A-CARD CD/DVD duplicators and DUPeLock anti-rip DVD-video protection system. Duplisoft offer’s the same equipment and products that it uses to provide the services to all customers so that they can do their own CD/DVD duplication at their premise for security and economic purpose.

Most of all, Duplisoft’s highly trained and skilled staff who are the hardest-working employees in the business will always striving hard to earn the loyalty and trust of our customers in providing world-class services by fulfilling all promises made to our Business Partners.


Read Testimonials From Our Customers

“ So far, service is very good. Orders ready on time and fast. Satisfied. ”
S. Nagaraju, Self-Awareness Centre
“ Keep up the good work ”
Tony Yap, TYCH
“ Very good service ”
Mr. Yong, Telios Sdn. Bhd.
“ Great Job done ”
Syed Faisal, Wisdomedia Sdn. Bhd.