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DUPLiSoft - Express CD/DVD Duplication (within 24 hours)

Duplisoft - CD/DVD/BD Duplication Service

Our company pioneered Express CD/DVD duplication (CD/DVD duplication complete with laser-colour CD/DVD label packed into a slim-CD case) with order for up to 3,000 units within 24 hours in Malaysia. With our state-of-the-art in-house duplication and production equipment, we accept duplication jobs for delivery the next working day.

For normal CD/DVD duplication, it comes with a choice of printed Laser-colour CD/DVD label or CMYK ink-jet CD/DVD print and complete with colours in-lay covers, packing into generic CD/DVD casing and logistics arrangements to intended destination.

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DUPLiSoft - Express USB Flash Drive Duplication (within 24 hours)

Duplisoft - USB Duplication Services

USB Flash Drive Duplication as one of the alternative to the ever growing data capacity requirements.

Data size of up to 64GB can be duplicated/copied with data integrity and data consistency throughout. QC is carried out with strict bit-to-bit comparison to ensure reliability of the duplication process.

With the new duplication solution, you do not need to spend hours to copy/duplicate data into individual USB Flash Drive manually. Let us do the work for you, no quantity is too small or too big for us to handle.

You may choose to supply your USB drive or you can select from our range of brand supplied; ranging from Kingston, Silicon Power or Transcend. Please call to inquire on pricing.

Packaging options are available to compliment your USB Flash Drive, ranging from generic packaging options to custom printed of packaging material. Please talk to our sales representative to inquire further.

DUPeLock - DVD-Video Copy-Protection Duplication

Duplisoft - DupeLock DVD Protection Solution

DUPeLock the anti-rip, DVD Video copy protection duplication provides content owners with protection for their digital video assets and at the same time only required a small quantity.

This passive solution encapsulates video files on a DVD-video causing access to the content by common ripping programs to be controlled. This is achieved by introducing copy control encapsulation in areas of the disc that is not read by DVD players during playback. Complying with the DVD video standard, the original content is not modified in any way and play-back quality remains unaffected.

Now everyone can DUPeLock their DVD-video disc with anti-copy protecting specially for small quantity starting from 1 copy.


DIGiPrint – Digital Printing Solutions for CD/DVD

Duplisoft - Digital Printing for your CD/DVD/BD

Our DIGiPrint offers high quality and reliable digital colour printing solution for various CD/DVD surface printing. Our solutions, ranging from CD/DVD label printing, inlays design printing, inlay-booklet printing, common design cd jacket/art-card printing and etc.

DIGiPrint additionally offers CMYK ink-jet priting direcly onto CD/DVD surface that can cater for small quantity requirement starting from 1 copy. Working with industrial standard brand, Fuji Xerox production digital printers, we are able to ensure the high quality of printing as well as high throughput with fast turnaround time for our production requirements.


DIGiPack - CD/DVD/BD or USB Flash Drive Packaging Solutions

Duplisoft - Custom packaging for CD/DVD/BD or USB Flash Drive

With DIGiPack service for all your packaging requirements for CD/DVD/BD or USB Flash Drive, to compliment your finish products.

With the ever changing design for CD/DVD/BD or USB Flash Drive packaging material and requirements by our customer, our company provides a wide range of customised packaging materials based on customer’s artwork and design requirement.

There are ready-made packing materials available as well, which is offered together with our duplication or replication of CD/DVD or duplication of USB Flash Drive.


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