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Acronova - Nimbie Sidekick NK50V (Epson T60) Printing System

Nimbie Sidekick NK50V (Epson T60)

A compact disc auto-loader designed for turning an Epson inkjet printer into an automated disc printer.

By attaching NK50V to a compatible Epson inkjet printer, full color labels can be printed directly onto discs automatically. With disc capacity of 100, producing professional looking discs has never been easier.

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Acronova - Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y (Epson T60) Publishing System

Nimbie NK50Y Publishing System

Introducing the auto-loading system design to cater for duplication of CD/DVD disc complete with high resolution digital inkjet printing on the disc surface.

The system, either the duplication (NB11) or the printing (NK50Y + Epson T60) is capable of operating individually or combined to be a full fledge publishing system.
The auto-loading system supports high capacity of 100 discs at any time.

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Dupe-Lock - DVD Video Protection

Duplisoft - Dupe Lock

Dupe-Lock is the most advance, cost effective and field proven DVD-Video copy protection software.

Tested against common ripping programs, available at a very affordable cost and no minimum quantity required.

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uReach / A-CARD Manual CD/DVD Duplication System

Duplisoft - Manual Duplication System

This manual CD-R/DVD-R duplicating system is meant for industrial performance 24 hours production use. With high throughput capacity per hours is the industry stand-alone production machine.

Both the uReach & ACARD model comes installed with 11 units of Pioneer SATA DVD-R writers for best performance results, along with a built-in hard disk for stability and accuracy.

Plextor DVD-Drive is available as upgrade option to standard Pioneer drive for higher expectation on burning quality and reliability.

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InkTec Consumables

InkTec Consumables

Supplier to wide range of consumables for the printing industry worldwide, with the reputation for its consistent quality products and research.

Being a brand name which has been in the market for a very long time, there are demand for higher quality of consumables from South Korea, which we are using for our production line to cater for high quality and consistent colour output on each print.

Please call in to inquire further on the variety range of products offered.


Personal Computer (PC) Systems and Accessories

Duplisoft - IT related systems/hardware/software

Supplier to various brands of PC systems/softwares and accessories in the IT industry.

With a wide connection and supply chain to distributors of well-known and branded computer products, either hardware or software.

Please call in to inquire further on the wide range of branded IT products/solutions which we can supply to your esteem organisation.


Product Updates

28th Dec 2013

Acronova Nimbie Sidekick NK50Y & Nimbie USB avaialble, paired with Epson T60 (6 ink printing system) being the ideal CD/DVD Publishing System with reliable and quality output.

1st July 2012

Acronova Nimbie Sidekick NK50V avaialble, paired with Epson T60 (6 ink printing system) along with optional Continous Ink Supply System (CISS).

1st April 2012

Mito Publisher with Blu-Ray Drive is available. Call us to inquire on pricing. Duplication Services for Blu-Ray disc is available as well!

22nd March 2012

Plextor DVD-RW avaiable now!
Choose between Plextor or Pioneer DVD-RW drives that suits you for MITO Publisher or for Manual Duplication System.

1st January 2012

Mito Publisher with Blu-Ray Drive and Protection will be availble soon.

28th November 2011

Cost for Dupe-Lock has been revised, much more affordable! Call to inquire further.

30th August 2011

Alea Mito Disc Publisher is officially available in Malaysia market. One-stop cd/dvd publishing system, which is equivalent to industrial standards.

7th July 2011

Alea Pingo Rep Pro is available in Malaysia market, with local maintenance and support !

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