Dupe-Lock DVD Video Protection

Dupe-Lock DVD Anti Ripping Software


DUPE-LOCK is the most advanced, cost effective and field proven DVD video copy-protection software for the MITO family of publishing systems.

“Dupe-Lock” is powered by Patronus Software.

“Dupe-Lock” software provides a reliable anti-rip solution when protecting video DVDs.

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How it works?

“Dupe-Lock” protection is applied in a pay-per-burn basis. Dongles (USB memory sticks) are purchased with pre-loaded blocks of burns, available in blocks of 100, 500, 1000 and 5000 burns. The dongle can refilled online with additional burns as and when required. “Dupe-Lock” is powered by Patronus Software.


Key Features:

- DVD Class A Verification
- Reliable Protection against common ripping
- Play-back quality unaffected – no black screens
- Only 10MB of disc space required
- Plays in all DVD players
- Supports both DVD 5 and DVD 9
- No modification to original contents require

Product Updates

28th November 2011

Dupe-Lock is available as DVD Protection Services with our Duplication Services.
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1st September 2011

Dupe-Lock is made available in Malaysia with Mito Publisher System.

What they say - Dupe Lock

"Dupe-Lock, has been a reliable solution against piracy. Great product and great service!"

-John Smith, Videographer

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